7 Entertaining Drawing Games with a Child

Drawing Games with a Child

Drawing is a phenomenal way to teach a child to drive something on paper, which will subsequently affect their ability to write in the best possible way. Here are some games you can try out with your kids at home, in the car, or while waiting:

  • The game begins with the fact that one person takes a sheet of paper and a drawing tool and draws part of a figure or animal, and then folds the sheet so that its drawing is closed, but some part of it remains open so that another can continue. The next person draws the figure as it seems to him correct, folds the sheet in the same way and passes it to another. The game continues until the drawing is completed or the sheet of paper is completely filled.

  • Shine on different objects and see what shadows they cast on the wall. When there is something interesting, attach a sheet of paper to the wall behind this item and draw a shadow. In this regard, superhero figures or just cartoon characters are very good.

  • One child draws something, and then verbally explains to others how and exactly what he painted. This is a great way to train your speech skills.

  • COPY.
  • One child draws something, and the second tries to accurately copy his drawing.

  • Start to draw a picture and transfer the sheet to another so that it continues (without closing the drawn). You can, for example, do this for a while.

  • An adult draws geometric shapes on a sheet of paper, hangs them on the wall in front of the child, and then calls one of them, and the child should draw a drawing on its basis for a while.

  • Put 5 points on a piece of paper and then, using these points, draw a person. One point is the head, the other two are hands, and two more are legs. What's the point? The points are set randomly and you can never imagine in what position the person drawn by the child will turn out.

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